Audi e-tron

Charged with excitement.

The time has come for sustainable mobility. Audi’s alternative drive solutions promise an exciting future without compromises. The Audi e-tron is our first all-electric car and the prototype of our next-generation SUV. It is powered by electricity and charged with excitement.

Fully charged performance.

Delivering up to 370 kW of power and capable of sprinting from 0 - 100 km/h in under six seconds, the e-tron has a range of over 400 kilometres. So you can say goodbye to range anxiety. And when charging at a fast charge station with up to 150 kW, the e-tron takes just 30 minutes to be fully charged and ready to go again.

Charging at home

The e-tron comes with a compact mobile charging system. It can be used directly with a standard power outlet and does not require installation by an electrician. Using the 400-volt outlet, the battery of the e-tron can be fully charged overnight.

Charging on the go

In Europe there are more than 65,000 public charging stations with 1,200 charge points available across Ireland. Audi is also working on expanding this charging infrastructure through a joint venture called IONITY, with the aim of building the most efficient charging network for electric cars in Europe. This will see six stations built in Ireland, with over 30 charging points planned for service areas on major routes.

On the outside.

The e-tron is sized between the Q5 and Q7. Its coupé-like design tapers away strongly from front to rear, giving a very dynamic look. Cameras replace the traditional exterior mirrors, relaying the car’s surroundings to OLED displays housed within the front doors. The headlights feature Matrix laser technology while underneath the lights is a new and distinctive lighting signature.

On the inside.

The interior of the e-tron is spacious and comfortable and can accommodate four adults and 615 litres of luggage.

All displays feature OLED technology and the Audi virtual cockpit features a new curved OLED screen.

The unique panoramic glass roof is integrated with photovoltaic cells that generate energy for the air conditioning and heated seats, providing more sunlight for occupants and more efficiency for the car.

In the rear, passengers can use the OLED displays in the centre console to adjust the climate control and infotainment.

Vehicle images and technical data is based on the Audi e-tron quattro® concept car and may change with the final production vehicle.